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  • Check back on a regular basis to see new posts of homework, assignments and important reminders.
  • Review the class expectations below.


Classroom Rules:

Classroom Rules.pdf

  1. Bring all required materials to class every day.
  2. No cursing, teasing or use of offensive language.
  3. Be productive during class time: work hard and don’t distract others.
  4. Leave all electronic devices (music players, cell phones, video games, etc.) in your locker.
  5. When the teacher is talking, you are listening.

Other interesting sites to visit:

 Carleton Math Enrichment
MathType - Program for typing math in a neat and tidy format
Ontario Math Wiki - This site provides resources to every math course in high school with video podcasts of typical questions.
Khan Academy - A superb website that offers videos for almost any math subject/lesson. Use this if you miss class.
Sophia- Another website that offers videos for almost any lesson taught by teachers.
IXL Math practice problems with solutions for students in grades 9, 10 & 11
MathTV Great resource for watching how to solve individual examples for most grade 9 & 10 math questions

Wolfram Alpha - A great online search engine for anything math related. You can even have it work out the answer for you.


Desmos - Used extensively in class for creating graphs of equations

GeoGebra- A great online graphing tool.
Libre Office- A Free Suite of computer tools much like Microsoft Office or Open Office (i.e Excel, Word equivalents)





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