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Robotics Club

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Updated September 28th, 2021 

  • Interested in robotics? Check out some of our club photos here
  • Robotics club runs in room 216 during lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during week 2
  • First meeting Tuesday, November 23rd
  • See Mr. Linseman or Mr. Comeau for the current schedule.
  • Learn Arduino, Compete in competitions, Have fun!
  • See below for some of the toys we have available. 


Robots/Electronics we currently own here at GHS include:

codemyrobot tutorials

CARL 6 (Arduino Nano) 


Learn the basics of self driving technology.



Learn basic coding using colours.


Experiment to learn how sensors work. 

Measure acceleration and velocities.

Can be used in painted works of art too!


Have fun with a ready to program robot named Cue.

Create your own dance routines.


Learn the basics to coding using Python or Javascript or Blockly to understand circuit boards.


Take your clothing designs to the next level with beautiful stitched in circuits with conductive thread.


Arduino PCBs:

Hone your coding circuitry skills with an Arduino printed circuit board.


Possible Ideas:


RaspberryPI - https://www.wired.com/story/kids-build-raspberry-pi-robot/  



Some School Photos:













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