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ICS2O (redirected from ICS2O-01 F2019)

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Introduction to Computer Studies, Grade 10 - Course Outline - Sign Up For Google Classroom

Prerequisite Course(s): NONE
"This course introduces students to computer programming. Students will plan and write simple computer programs by applying fundamental programming concepts, and learn to create clear and maintainable internal documentation. They will also learn to manage a computer by studying hardware configurations, software selection, operating system functions, networking, and safe computing practices. Students will also investigate the social impact of computer technologies, and develop an understanding of environmental and ethical issues related to the use of computers."


Activity ~ Classwork ~ Homework
Materials & Resources
1 Introduction to ICS2O Presentation
  1. OCDSB student accounts & passwords
  2. Sign Up for Google Classroom
  3. Read [Note - File Organization & History] and setup your file structure
Why Learn to Code?
Did You Know? (Youtube Video)
Cisco Top 25 Predictions


Hardware Part 1: Basic Computer Hardware

Activity ~ Classwork ~ Homework
Materials & Resources
Intro to Computer Hardware
WS - Hardware
Hardware Glossary of Terms

Microprocessors & CPUs

  • Kahoot - Exit Card
See Google Classroom for Worksheet


A01 Types of Storage - Presentation with links
Graphical Processing Units - Presentation with Links
Peripheral Devices - Presentation with Links
See Google Classroom for Instructions
A02 Triumph of the Nerds 2

Fill in and submit Video WS (See Google Classroom)

A03 Binary Number Systems
  1. Watch this video tutorial.
  2. Worksheet (see Handouts)
  3. ASCII chart with decimal values.
  4. Create your own "Binary to Decimal" conversion program in Scratch.
    Scratch Template Program
 Happy Halloween
A04 Electricity & Heat - Presentation with Links

Operating Systems - Presentation with Links
See Google Classroom
How Stuff Works - Operating Systems

Startup Sequence 

Oct 28

Computer Performance


A08 Quiz 1 - Computer Hardware

Review: Use this site to help you make a list of terminology from our notes. 

  • BIOS
  • CPU
  • Peripheral
  • Hard Drive 
  • etc.
Computer Networking
See Google Classroom
A09 Networking Details
See Google Classroom
Home Networking
See Google Classroom
Computer Security Threats
Computer Security Solutions
See Google Classroom
 Checking Firewalls
A05 Assignment - Build & Budget a Custom Computer
See Google Classroom
Quiz 2 - Computer Networking



Scratch Part 1: Input-Processing-Output (IPO)

Activity ~ Classwork ~ Homework
Materials & Resources
1 Introduction to Scratch
  1. Creat an online Scratch account here
  2. Setup your ICS2O file structure
    [Note - File Organization & History]
  3. Create a sub-folder: 01 Scratch 
    You will save all of your Scratch programs here
  4. Work through the provided Scratch Basics
    It is not necessary to save your work for these.

Scratch programming

Input & Output in Scratch
  1. Presentation - Input-Variables-Output
  2. Exercises - Input/Processing/Output Parts A & B
  3. Finished Lightbot yet?
  1. Presentation - Calculations in Scratch
  2. Exercises - Input/Processing/Output Part C - (Submit to Google Classroomwhen complete)
  3. Complete Exercises - Input/Processing/Output Parts A & B and submit to Google Classroom when complete.
4 -Days
Assignment - IPO
Due Wed Sep. 20th @ Midnight
See Google Classroom

Scratch Part 2: Selection

Activity ~ Classwork ~ Homework
Materials & Resources
Selection - Making Decisions
  1. Presentation - Selection in Scratch
  2. Exercises - Selection Part A
Selection - 3 or More Decisions
  1. Presentation - Nested Selection Statements
  2. Exercises - Selection Part B
  Artificial Intelligence Presentation
1. Exercises - Working with AI 

Quiz - Selection/IPO

Working with Micro:Bits

See Google Classroom

Rock Paper Scissors Activity


Micro:Bit - MakeBlock

4-Days Assignment - Selection
See Google Classroom
Look ahead to Repetition 
Only if done assignment

Scratch Part 3: Repetition

Activity ~ Classwork ~ Homework
Materials & Resources

Counted Loops

& Conditional Loops

  1. Presentation - Repetition (Loops)
  2. Loop Exercises
Assignment - Loops


Python Part 1: Input-Processing-Output

Activity ~ Classwork ~ Homework
Materials & Resources
N19 Introduction to Python
  1. Sign up for Repl Classroom 
  2. Snakify 

Basic Output 

  1. Presentation: Basic Output in Python
  2. Work on [Output Exercises]
Basic Input & Variables
  1. Presentation - Input & Variables 
  2. Work on [Input Exercises]
Calculations & Assignment Operator
  1. Presentation - Calculations
  3. Work on Calculation & Variables Exercises
Working with Numbers and Strings
  1. Presentation -  Working with Numbers & Strings
N29 Formatted Output
  1. Presentation - Formatted Output in Python

1 Week Started N26 -

Due Dec 3rd 

Assignment - IPO - Python
See Repl

Python Part 2:Selection If/Else Statements

Activity ~ Classwork ~ Homework
Materials & Resources
Introduction to Selection:
Decisions using IF/ELSE 
  1. Presentation - Simple If/Else Statements
  2. Exercises - Simple Decisions Part A # 1, 2, 3
Nested Selection Statements
(more than 2 choices)
  1. Presentation - Nested Selection Statements
  2. Exercises - Selection Part B
Logical Operators & Boolean Expressions:
  1. Presentation - Logical Operators
  2. Exercises - Selection Part B
    (try Part C if done Part B)
Work Period
Assignment - Selection
See Assignment (w Rubric & Sample Output Here)  

Python Part 3:Repetition (Loops)

Activity ~ Classwork ~ Homework
Materials & Resources
Counted Loops
  1. Lesson - Counted Loops
  2. counted loop exercises
  3. more counted loop exercises
Conditional Loops
  1. Lesson - Conditional Loops 
  2. Exercises - Conditional Loops


Nested Loops
  1. Lesson - Nested Loops
  2. counted loop exercises # 4, 6
  3. more counted loop exercises # 5
  4. Conditional Loops Exercises # 2, 3
Random Values
  1. Presentation - Random Values
  2. Random Values Exercises
Advanced concept for further research:

Pseudorandom Number Generators

June 10 
Python Test
Review Slides

 Advanced Concept for further research:

Using the Turtle Library to Design Logos

    Only if done MicroBit Crowd Display

Summative: Culminating Task & Exam

Activity ~ Classwork ~ Homework
Materials & Resources
June 11
Summative Prep
June 12
Summative Task

Programming Task

(Programming Like Exercises in Repl)

In-Class on
Monday June 12th
June 17, 18 
Exam Review 
June 19 
 Written (Like a Test)




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