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ICS4C4U-01 F2019

Page history last edited by Jesse R Linseman 4 years, 4 months ago

Computer Science, Grade 12 University Preparation 

 Prerequisite Course(s): ICS3U

Course Outline

Shared Repository on GitHub

Textbook: A Guide to Programming in Java, 3rd Ed


This course enables students to further develop knowledge and skills in computer science. Students will use modular design principles to create complex and fully documented programs, according to industry standards. Student teams will manage a large software development project, from planning through to project review. Students will also analyse algorithms for effectiveness. They will investigate ethical issues in computing and further explore environmental issues, emerging technologies, areas of research in computer science, and careers in the field.

Link to Mr. Sweeney's Course Webpage


Unit 1: Review Fundamental Skills in Java, Introduce Processing and Intro to File Operations

Assigned Work
Extra Resources
  1. Introduction to Course
  2. File Organization & History
  3. Processing Programming Environment
  4. Dr. Java Programming Environment   
  5. Have some Fun 
  1. Presentation - Intro to ICS3C/3U/4C/4U
  2. Read [Note - File Organization & History] and setup your file structure
  3. Install the Dr.Java IDE
  4. Place In.java in working folder with jar file  
  5. Read Note - Install Processing and install the Processing IDE
  6. Register for Edmodo and connect to course (Use your full real name please)
Review Java Concepts
  • input & output
  • variables & calculations
  • selection (if/else)
  • Switch Statements 
  • repetition (loops)
Review Exercises:




Do the repetition exercises in a group of two:

[All Java Lessons]
[All Processing Lessons] - This is a work in progress
Java Input (revisited)
  • data streams
  • exceptions
  • try-catch blocks


Formatted Output


VT: - Using Scanner

Text Files: Input & Output
3 - Days Assignment: Working with Files

Submit Assignment to GitHub Here


Unit 2: Intro to Objects

Intro to Objects
(Data Structures)

VT: - Introduction to Classes & Objects


VT: Playlist of Programming in Java

6 Instance Methods  
7 Constructors VT 8.4: Constructor Arguments (Processing)
8 Encapsulation  
9 Comparing & Displaying  For Fun: Purple Rain - Processing 
10 Class Methods  
Apr. 25th Unit Test #1 - IPO Review, I/O Operations and Objects


Rectangle Class
Find Assignment & Submit to GitHub Here



VT - Frogger Intersection



Unit 3: Java Arrays

Assigned Work
Extra Resources
Java Arrays
See Exercises
Starfield Lesson Create an array of stars that fly out at you from the centre of the screen
Review: Working with Arrays
  1. Presentation - Working with Arrays
  2. Continue with Exercises - Arrays
Multi-dimensional Arrays
  1. Note: Multi-dimensional Arrays
Arrays of Objects
  1. Note Arrays of Objects
  Minesweeper Investigation 
  • Submit Exercises & Investigation to GitHub Here 
  • Create the minesweeper game using Processing - GitHub Here
  • Code the "Game of Life" 



Unit 4: Object Interactions (Inheritance and Polymorphism)

Assigned Work
Extra Resources
Class Hierarchies  


Inheritance & Variables  

Challenge: Frogger (Inheritance)

and working with images



Mini Assignment:
Complete Puck class

and testPuck

Challenge: Space Invaders   



Unit 5: Recursion

Assigned Work
Extra Resources
Intro to Recursion
  1. Note: Intro to Recursion
 Coding Train - Fractal Recursion 
Implementing Simple Recursive Algorithms
  1. Note: Implementing Simple Recursive Algorithms
Assignment - Recursion
 GitHub Link Here
File Operations with Objects 
Reading & Writing Objects to Files (Stack Overflow)
VT - Writing Objects to a File (~11 minutes)

VT # 2 - Writing Objects to a File (~ 20 minutes)


Unit 6: Searches & Sorts

Assigned Work
Extra Resources
  1. Note: Quicksort
  1. Site: Quicksort - GeeksforGeeks 
  2. VT - Quicksort Visualization 
  3. VT#2 - Quicksort Demo 
Sequential Search
  1. Note: Sequential Search
Binary Search
  1. Note: Binary Search
Insertion Sort
  1. Note: Insertion Sort
Selection Sort
  1. Note: Selection Sort
Bubble Sort
  1. Note: Bubble Sort
Shell Sort
  1. Note: Shell Sort

GitHub Repository for Searches and Sorts 

16 - Sort Visualizations

Friday, Dec. 7

Unit Test #2 - Object Interactions,


Searches & Sorts

Multi-Dimensional Arrays






Assigned Work
Extra Resources
Before Exam   Complete your Sololearn certificate and ALL exercises   
Dec. 10 Planning the Summative

GitHub Project - Repository Link Here

  • Task List - divide work per group member prior to start
  • Each person is required to include all structures
  • Project should detail parts that are in progress - Use cards.  

Gantt Chart - Tom's Planner

Pseudocode within gitHub - Done before end of next week

Mindomo - Summarize Completed Plan

  • Complete Hierarchy of Classes
  • Complete Project Overview
  • Before end Complete "How does my Project show..." 
  • Daily Notes must be used independently - DAILY!!!!!
  • Link to the GitHub 


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